Admission to the University’s Research Doctorate Courses is governed by a competition that allocates scholarships on the basis of comparative merit. Comparative assessment is made by the Boards of Examiners (one per Course), appointed according to the University regulations. After the selection process has been completed, each Board of Examiners draws up a merit list. Scholarships are allocated according to the ranking established in the merit list. Applicants must have a 2nd cycle degree or a single cycle degree from an Italian university or an equivalent qualification from other countries of at least four years' duration. 

For courses that will start in the next cycle (XXXVIII - date of start 1st October 2022), the call for applications is published on the page ; English version at the page .

The studentship competition is open to applicants holding a 2nd cycle degree or a single degree from an Italian University or an equivalent qualification from other countries of at least four years' duration. Basic quantitative prerequisites are assumed.

The application must be submitted following the online procedure that will be linked in the call. Expired: May 13, 2022 (13:00 CEST). 

The grants are awarded on the basis of qualifications and an interview. Qualifications include: undergraduate and/or master degrees transcripts of records, curriculum, scientific publications, GRE and TOEFL (if available) and at most 2 letters of recommendation (which must be submitted following the instructions on the application form). Only candidates successful in the qualifications evaluation will be admitted to the interview.

Having already been awarded the degree is not necessary for the application, but it is necessary to obtain the degree within 30th September 2022.  The CV has to be compiled according to the template CV_XXXVIII (pdf, doc version available upon request) anuploaded along with the record of exams and marks of first and second cycle degrees.

For the XXXVIII cycle, there are 6 available positions, all covered by a scholarship. The award will be for three years, subject to satisfactory progress. The gross annual amount of the scholarship is 16,243.00 euros, in accordance with the amount set by the D.M. MUR n. 247 of 23/02/2022.

Moreover, foreign candidates who have been awarded a minimum three-year scholarship by some international scientific committee (e.g., Marie Curie or Erasmus Mundus scholarship) can be admitted extra quota.

Interested candidates are highly encouraged to contact for further information.

Evaluation results

Evaluation of the qualifications

Timetable of interviews

The lists above contain only the names of the candidates admitted to the interviews.

Zoom link for online interviews (Please have your ID ready, together with white paper and a pen)

Evaluation of the interviews (the list contains only the names of the candidates with a sufficient evaluation of the interview)

To access the above documents enter the password you received in the confirmation email when you submitted the application.  

In accordance with the procedure and deadlines stated by art. 7.4 of the announcement, the official rankings will be made public from July 1 2022 through:

- Publication on the University's official register;

- Publication on the University of Padova website:

When the official rankings will be published, the deadlines and the procedure for the enrolment will be made public.

No personal communication will be sent to the candidates.

Final rankings and enrollment procedures

The enrollment procedure is open from 14 July until 26 July 2022.

Instructions are published at the pages (English version

Vacant Places - Primary Phase

Candidates with the right to a vacant place will be notified through publication of the list of replacement candidates at the address (English version from 26 August 2022.

Candidates will be required to enroll by 1 September 2022, as provided for in the Call for Admission.

Vacant Places - Secondary Phase

From 6 September 2022, any further available places will be published and interested candidates must submit their applications by 9 September 2022 according to the procedure indicated.

Certification of enrollment for VISA request: in case you need a certification for the request of the VISA, please write to

No personal communication will be sent to the candidates.