Courses 2013

Foundation courses

Functional Analysis (G. Treu), January-February 2013

Probability Theory (F. Giummole'), January-February 2013

Theory and methods of inference (A.Salvan), March-May 2013

Statistical Models (M.Chiogna), May-October 2013

Specialist courses (planning in progress)

An Overview of Objective Bayesian Analysis (Jim Berger, Duke University, Durham, USA), March 2013

Analysis of Survival Data (Donald Alan Pierce, Oregon Health & Science University), June 2013; Course material.

From Frailty to Multiprocess Models (Stefano Mazzuco, University of Padova), July 2013

Statistical Analysis of Social Networks (Mark S. Handcock, University of California, Los Angeles, USA), July 2013

Introduction to Robust Statistics (Laura Ventura, University of Padova), Sept./Oct. 2013

Sampling Theory (Pierfrancesco Perri, Università della Calabria), October 2013

Spatial Statistics (Carlo Gaetan, University Ca' Foscari Venezia), November 2013

The Interface between R and C (Guido Masarotto, University of Padova), December 2013, course material

Further activities

Library Labs February 2013. I part "Introduction to Services and Resources" (How to connect from outside the University network - AuthProxy, Scientific communication, Scientific communication and research evaluation, SBA services; II part (How to manage your bibliographies with RefWorks, RefWorks English guide, How to cite according to the Harvard style, Using RefWorks with LaTeX and BibTeX).

Introduction to Sweave March 2013

Writing a scientific paper: introduction June 2013