SAS Academic Specialization in Advanced Data Analysis for Life and Social Science

Data analysis skills are in short supply and high demand in today’s world. As of academic year 2021/22, the Department of Statistical Sciences of the University of Padova is proud to offer to the graduate students of its Master's Programme in Statistical Sciences a SAS Academic Specialization in Advanced Data Analysis for Life and Social Sciences.

The badge is issued in recognition of the ability to use SAS programming language for pre-processing, managing, analyzing and modeling data, and to report the analyses, especially in the social and life sciences. The badge is issued by Credly, and can be shared on social medias including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

How will this benefit you?
The ability to use SAS programming language is highly appreciated around the world for data management and analysis. The awarded SAS certification enriches the data analysis skills acquired by the graduate students in Statistical Sciences. Upon successful completion of the steps required by the certification, the graduates in Statistical Sciences will be able to use the SAS programming language to manage, analyze and report data, as provided by the social and life sciences but not only, with data-driven insights.

How to receive for the certificate
The graduate students of the Master's programme in Statistical Sciences of the Univerity of Padova earn a SAS Academic Specialization and Digital Badge in Advanced Data Analysis for Life and Social Sciences upon completion of the following two courses:

To qualify for the SAS certificate, the graduate students must have completed both, the core course MSDS and the elective course SMEP. After graduation, all graduates who fulfill the above requirements will be emailed a link to opt-in and share their data (name and email) with both SAS and Credly. Successively, Credly will send an email about how to accept and activate de badge.

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