Courses 2023/24 - XXXIX cycle

Educational offer

All teaching activities (foundation and specialist courses) are mandatory for first year students. 

Foundation courses

Functional Analysis (A. Cesaroni), October-December 2023

Probability Theory (A. Picarelli, Univ. Verona), November-January 2024

Programming Methodologies for Data Analysis (L. Di Gaspero, Univ. Udine), October-November 2023

Statistical Models (C. Gaetan, Univ. Ca' Foscari Venezia - M. Bernardi, S. Mazzuco, D. Risso and B. Scarpa), February-May 2024

Theory and Methods of Inference (A. Salvan, N. Sartori and L. Pace), March-June 2024


Specialist courses (planning in progress)

Several specialist courses are planned every year. Some of them are taught by guest instructors.

Applied Multivariate Techniques (L. Finos), January-February 2024

Sampling Theory (P.F. Perri, Univ. della Calabria), January-February 2024

Bayesian Statistical Methods for Astronomy (D. van Dyk, Imperial College London), May 2024

Bayesian Data Analysis and Computation (B. Liseo e A. Tancredi, Sapienza Univ. Roma), May 2024

Kalman Filter and State Space Models (S.J. Koopman, VU University, Amsterdam, NL), June 2024

Replicability crisis in science? (G. Parmigiani, B. Fitelson and F. Gambarota, Harvard University, Northeastern University, USA, and Univ. Padova), July 2024

Graphical Models (A. Abbruzzo, F. Castelletti), September 2024


Further activities

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