News: Phd students seminars

Intermediate Seminars | Cycle XXXII

Room Cucconi


11:10 | Ilaria Bussoli

Multiomics Integrated Analysis by Means of Graphical Models


11:35 | Andrea Sottosanti

Astronomical Source Detection and Background Separation via Hierarchical Bayesian Nonparametric Mixtures


Intermediate Seminars | Cycle XXXII



10:00 | Alessandro Casa
Some Perspectives on Density Estimation in a Clustering Framework

10:25 | Mohammed Elseidi
Quantile Regression Based Seasonal Adjustment


Thesis presentation | Cycle XXXI

Room Benvenuti


10:30 | Thi Huong Phan

Spatial Survival Models for Analysis of Exocytotic Events on Human beta-cells Recorded by TIRF Imaging


11:30 | Grzegorz M. Kotkowski

Advanced Statistical Methods for Data Analysis in Particle Physics


12:30 | Margherita Silan

Propensity Score Techniques in Multiple Treatments Framework: the Estimation of Neighbourhood Effect


14:30 | Charlotte Taglioni

Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling for Population Size Estimation: Application to Italian Data


15:30 | Mohammad Salim Zahangir

Competition and Substitution in Energy: Old Scenarios and Emerging Technologies


Thesis presentation | Cycle XXXI

Room Benvenuti


10:30 | Gioia Di Credico

Some Developments in Semiparametric and Cross-classified Multilevel Models


11:30 | Ahbab Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

Modified Lee-Carter Methods with LASSO type Smoothing and Adjusting for Lifespan Disparity


12:30 | Massimiliano Russo

Bayesian Inference for Tensor Factorization Models


14:30 | Waldir Leoncio Netto

Advances in test equating: comparing IRT and Kernel methods and a new likelihood approach to equate multiple forms


15:30 | Luca Maestrini

On Variational Approximations for Frequentist and Bayesian Inference


16:30 | Sally Paganin

Prior-driven Cluster Allocation in Bayesian Mixture Models


PhD Intermediate Seminars | Cycle XXXII

Room Benvenuti


11:00 | Emanuele Aliverti

Statistical Modelling under Constrained Dependence


11:25 | Federico Ferraccioli

Nonparametric Penalized Likelihood for Density Estimation


11:50 | Anastasiia Gorshechnikova

Inferential Challenges for Large Spatio-Temporal Data Structures


12:15 | Huiting Huang

Role of Dependency in Nonparametric Combination Based Permutation Tests


12:45 | Md Moinuddin

Divide and Conquer Methods for Big Spatial Data


PhD Final Examination | Cycle XXX

Room SC 30


10:30 | Claudio Fronterré

Spatial Analysis of Geomasked and Aggragated Data


11:00 | Prince John

Finite Dirichlet Mixture Models for the Classification and Detection of New Classes of Variable Stars


11:45 | Kharati-Koopaei Ehsan

Classification Approaches in Neuro Science: A Geometrical Point of View


12:15 | Thi Kim Hue Nguyen

Structure Learning of Graphs for Count Data


Final examination | Cycle XXX

Room Benvenuti


10:30 | Muhammad Adil, Projecting Pakistan Population with a Bayesian Hierarchical Approach

11:00 | Leonardo Egidi, Developments in Bayesian Hierarchical Models and Prior Specification with Application to Analysis of Soccer Data

11:30 | Sifiso Vilakati, Inference Following Two-Stage Randomization Designs with Survival Endpoints