Research quality

The Department of Statistical Sciences promotes high quality research by participating in calls for proposals and tenders in the fields of innovation, development and cooperation. Parallel to this, it works to provide solid training in Statistics in all Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree courses, and to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of society.

The Director and the Scientific Committee manage the research quality system of the Department.

The Scientific Committee carries out preliminary investigation for:
- defining the criteria for the allocation of research funds
- planning and proposing incentives and support for research activities
- monitoring and evaluating research activities
- analyzing the allocation of financial resources for research and their effectiveness

The Scientific Committee is appointed by the Department Board and it is composed of a research delegate and four representatives of the scientific areas (Statistics - 13/D1, Economic Statistics - 13/D2, Demography and Social Statistics - 13/D3). It can be expanded and supplemented by other collegial bodies in specific situations and after deliberation by the Department Board.

The Scientific Committee works with the Budget Committee, which designs the three-year plan for the recruitment of professors, and with the International Activities Committee, which promotes international relations for teaching and research.

Committee members can be seen here: