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L'algoritmo che anticipa i crimini? Funziona (ma solo coi soliti sospetti)

Dibattito sulla polizia predittiva. Il ministro Usa: non basiamoci su istituzione e ambiente.

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Cool Jobs: Data detectives

From health and the environment to sports, statisticians uncover valuable information that would otherwise remain buried in mountains of data.


Statistics proves smoking is unhealthy

Just after World War II, Richard Doll and Bradford Hill of the Statistical Research Unit of the Medical Research Council decided to study the alarming increase in cases of lung cancer occurring in Great Britain  


Statistics making sense 


Salvataggi bayesiani

Statisticians helped locate an Air France plane in 2011 which was missing for two years. Could mathematical techniques inspired by an 18th Century Presbyterian minister be used to locate the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight Mh470?

Terry Speed

How statistics can help cure cancer

Some of the best minds in medical research are working to understand and one day eliminate one of the world's biggest killers, cancer. But they're not all doctors, chemists, and biologists. Statistics professor Terry Speed has just been awarded Australia's Prime Minister Prize for his big contribution

Il ruolo della statistica nei sistemi di traduzione automatica del testo

Il ruolo della statistica nei sistemi di traduzione automatica del testo

Come la traduzione automatica dei testi utilizza la statistica - Automatic translation: Joy of Stats (6/6)

Programming tools: Adventures with R

Programming tools: Adventures with R

A guide to the popular, free statistics and visualization software that gives scientists control of their own data analysis.