Courses 2018/19 - XXXIV cycle

Foundation courses

Functional Analysis (A. Cesaroni), October-November 2018

Probability Theory (A. Bianchi, G. Callegaro, M. Formentin), November-December 2018-January 2019

Theory and Methods of Inference (A. Salvan), February-June 2019

Statistical Models (M.Chiogna, Univ. Bologna)

  • Spatial Statistics (C. Gaetan, Univ. Venezia), March-May 2019

  • Generalized Linear Mixed Models (N.Torelli, Univ. Trieste), March-May 2019

  • Time Series Analysis (L. Bisaglia), March-May 2019

  • Applied Multivariate Techniques (M. Chiogna, Univ. Bologna), November-December 2018

Specialist courses (planning in progress)            

Programming with Python (L. Di Gaspero, Univ. Udine), November 2018

Propensity Score Methods: Theory and Applications (B. Arpino, Univ. Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona), December 2018

Sampling Theory (P.F. Perri, Univ. della Calabria), February 2019



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Further activities

  • Library Labs (Leaflet 2019) SESSION I "University Library System and Digital Library". SESSION II "Databases, citations and Mendeley". SESSION III "Scientific publishing and open access - Introduction to Bibliometrics". FINAL SESSION "The submission of PhD Theses in the institutional repository".

  • For further information about Scholarly Communication and principles of Open Science please see libraries Moodle: